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solving pain points of businesses through human centric digital products.

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featured projects

Here are some of my featured projects for consideration. Feel free to visit the work page for more projects.

Product Design


Kadonation is a B2B SaaS solution providing online group gifts and gift vouchers services to companies in Belgium and Netherlands.

Product Design


grexie is a social media app specifically designed for group activities for colleges and universities in the UK.

Product Design


Do you have questions about a product before its launch? Leantoolkit allows companies to find the answers before launching any product line. Top CPG Brands like Friesland Campina, Heineken use Leantoolkit to learn more about their customers’ needs and wants before their product launch.

Product Design


Bundle is a B2C SaaS solution helping consumers to manage their online subscriptions with ease.

Product Design

harding test provides an online Harding Flash and Pattern Analyser tool to the broadcasters. Television programs in various countries including the UK and Japan now have to pass this test prior to being broadcast in order to comply with Ofcom (ITU) guidelines.

human-centric design

I’ve been following the human-centric design approach for designing digital products.

I gain an empathetic understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve through user research. It allows me to set aside assumptions and gain real insight into users and their needs.


It’s time to accumulate the information gathered during the Empathize stage. I analyze observations and synthesize them to define the core problems you and your team have identified.


The solid background of knowledge from the first two phases means I can start to “think outside the box” for alternative ways to view the problem and identify innovative solutions to the problem statement you’ve created.


Prototyping is an experimental phase to iron out the solutions I have found in the previous stages. I prefer mid-fidelity prototyping, as it is easy to run with humans and all the stakeholders.


Testing is essential for each solution and helps to find out the blind spots and refinements. I prefer to test clickable prototypes with a selected group of users to see them failing or completing their tasks successfully.


I aim to make my customers happy by delivering high-quality digital products. Here are some of the kudos given by the customers.

Extremely pleased with Mirza’s work. Highly professional from start to finish, very quick to respond to any queries and make any amendments needed and delivered a design we are all delighted with. Thank you
Oliver Maingay

CEO, Vanderquest Limited.

Mirza understood things immediately and presented outstanding results on the first round, which only needed some tweaks based on additional feedback. Ultimate satisfaction definitely will work again.
Alexander De Ridder

Co-Founder & CTO, ink.

Mirza is a very skilled designer with tons of experience. He helped us to set up a design system. For us, design isn’t an ad-on anymore but the core of every new feature and the product. Fully recommended.
Fabrice Guillermin

Managing Director, kadonation

Mirza was hired to design a complex portal with a large number of functionalities. He delivered good quality work, with a clean and modern design. He has very good ideas to make designs that are easy to use. 
Colin McMohan

Founder, bundle

Mirza is a true professional who is able to produce first-rate leading-edge designs for mobile and web. I totally recommend Mirza and looking forward to working with him on the next adventure. Thank you for your excellent designs. 
Tim Behrsin

Founder, grexie

Aforart has consistently delivered excellent UI/UX design services and has been an important part of our product design team. Their attention to detail combined with modern design knowledge has greatly impacted our products. 
Chuma Chukwujama

CEO, Xceed365 Limited.

Stellar designer working hard to satisfy the needs of the client and delivering excellent design and UX elements. I would definitely rehire him and recommend working with him.
Alexandros Louizos MD.

Founder, Manxmachina LLC.

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